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About Us

DS Property Management (DSPM, LLC) is a full service property management company, specializing in Home Owners Associations, Commercial and Residential Management.  DS offers full services in accounting, administration, maintenance and overseeing all special projects.   Our goal is to offer effective owner communication and property management for a fair price.

DS Property Management is a Limited Liability Company, owners Deb Cano and Shane Glenn offer over twenty five years of experience in property management.   Deb Cano, is certified in Association Management, and is currently seeking her advanced degree.  Deb has worked exclusively with other real estate owned, commercial property and Association management for the past 25 years. Shane Glenn was raised in the Treasure Valley. He was brought up with a construction background in home building and his family managed multifamily homes and hotels. 23 years of his career was in floor covering. Management, sales and installation.  

DS Property Management can offer lower pricing because of lower overhead.  The business is small, locally owned and self operated.  By keeping cost low it enables us to past the savings along to our clients without compromising service. When you call, it is us you get.

Association Management is not just managing property it requires a very personal level of understanding.  When working with Associations you are essentially working for every property owner that resides there.  We answer primarily to the Board of Directors but must always be available for all owner questions, concerns and complaints. Making the Board of Directors thankless job much easier.

Commercial Property Management as we believe is not just for the owners. We work for each tenant to bring a compromising relationship between owner and tenants. Essentially keeping everyone involved in the property’s best interest.

We strive to know each owner and tenant. Having them feel comfortable in communicating with us directly making the Board of Director’s and or landlords job much easier.  

DS Property Management our goal is to let you have your time back.  Let us take the worry out of your Asset Management.

If it is Dedicated Service you are looking for with real and honest communication, then DS Property Management is the company for your asset protection.  We are always open to customizing to fit the specific needs of each client.